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We pay 50% of signups + 50% of all recurring bills

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Adult Video Lobby Webmaster Rules

 1. Only one account is allowed per company or organization. 
 2. We will pay you for visitors that signup to our websites received from a link posted on your website(s). The current payout per signup is 40% + 40% recurring.
 3. Payments are mailed every 2 weeks for the accumulated fees from the previous month. You will only be sent a check if your account balance is at  least $50. Payment will be carried over from week to week until your account has accrued at least $50.
 4. You may post as many links on your site as you wish. You may make your own banners, use our banners or use whatever methods you wish to generate traffic through your website for use with our program.
 5. You may use blind links or text links if you so desire but remember this may have a detrimental effect on your conversion rate.
 6. All visitors you send to us must come from a webpage. We do not allow newsgroup postings with links to us. Nor do we allow email links/spamming or any other such practices that could reflect negatively on our program. Failure to comply to this request will result in the immediate cancellation of the account from which the hits were sent and also may result in the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account.
 7. The action of sending any hits from any URLs which contain and/or promote the following content, programs or linking practices without the prior written consent of Adult Video Lobby will result in the immediate cancellation of the account from which the hits were sent and the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account: child pornography, warez, password selling or trading, newsgroup postings, spam e-mails.
 8. Tampering with the signup form will lead to termination, loss of all funds, and possibly prosecution.
 9. Verotel's log files will prevail in determining amount of sign ups.
10. will not be held responsible for loss due to downtimes resulting from complications with hosting equiptment or technical errors.
11. We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL accumulated funds up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined you have cheated by violating this agreement in any way YOU WILL NOT BE PAID!!
12. We reserve the right to terminate your account if it is idle for more than a month. In such cases you will be notified in advance.
13. We reserve the right to deny any prospective sponsor admittance into our program for any reason, based on the content of their website or for any other reason.
14. We reserve the right to change the payout rate with a 3 day notice. This will not effect previous sales.
15. Any questions regarding this agreement should be directed to

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